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Language School

English is so much more than just a language: it's being able to explore the world and communicate with different people. It allows you to visit new places and experience new cultures.


Start a new trend in your life!


Our Goals

Our mission is not only to provide academic excellence but to also expose our learners to other amazing cultures. The world is beautiful and wide, and there's so much to learn and explore! Here at Trend, we like to say that we don't teach English, we teach IN English.


English For Real Life

We believe that learning a language successfully comes from communicating real meaning. You will learn English grammar easily by practicing it in meaningful conversations and on topics you enjoy. We know immersion is the key to fluency, so classes are taught entirely in English. We employ a combination of well-established teaching methods and approaches, which is the healthiest path to accommodate many learning styles.


Inspired Learning

We proudly use Oxford University Press material in our courses. OUP produces award-winning content in print and digital format to cater to students of every ability. Here at Trend, we love using the digital format materials paired with our touchscreen Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) during lessons. It makes for seamlessly dynamic and fun classes where learners can assimilate content in a much easier fashion than in regular classes.


Feels Like Home

Our aim is to provide a space where the student feels safe and happy. Every part of our school was designed with that in mind. You will feel just like you're at home! Our classroom reflects a calm and peaceful atmosphere, which is very helpful if you feel anxious in a normal classroom environment. When a person is relaxed, they are more open to learning. You will see how fast you learn when you feel happy in a place like this! Our students love enjoying a nice cup of coffee during the lesson. We love it too!

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