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About Us

At Trend Language School, we strive to empower our students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences.


Our Philosophy

We started Trend Language School based on a simple philosophy: by learning English, you're opening yourself up to new possibilities and new experiences.

The definition of the word "trend" is "a change towards something new or different", and we take our name to heart. It's common to feel overwhelmed in our lives nowadays and follow the path of least resistance, to just go along with the flow... well, don't!


The world is wide and ready for you to explore! There are so many amazing cultures out there! Knowledge of English will allow you to not just travel more easily, but also to access books, music, and movies from hundreds of countries around the globe. Just by understanding English, you are opening the door to a whole world of new information and knowledge in your life!

So don't limit yourself to just what's around you. Start a new trend in your life that will change it for the better!


Our School

Our classroom is open and bright, with plenty of natural light, something our plants appreciate very much! The color scheme was created with color psychology in mind, hoping to make our students feel safe and tranquil here. We're sure you will agree with us once you enter the room! The decorations tell a story too, and some were even brought from Canada, where they were handmade by the First Nations indigenous people. We love exposing our students to new cultures! And speaking of Canada, the school mascot is a cute grizzly bear named Buddy. Grizzly bears are abundant in Canada, so we chose to have one as our mascot. He has a maple leaf on his belly!

The school has a library corner, where we keep a collection of over 100 books that students can sign out and read at home. We have many Graded Readers books available from collections such as Oxford Bookworms, Penguin Readers, Pearson Readers, and Disney Readers. So even beginners can start developing a reading habit!

And just like our hometown of Kariya is known for the gentle harmony between nature and industry, our school also embraces the balance of a peaceful atmosphere and modern technology. Instead of a regular whiteboard, we have a smart whiteboard (also known as an interactive whiteboard). It provides our students with an enriched learning experience! Visual learners can observe and tactile learners can learn by touching the board during activities. All the textbooks we use at Trend have interactive software designed to be used on a smartboard.


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