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Meet The Team

Trend Language School would not be the same without our passionate and dedicated staff. We’re proud to share some of our stories with you, and if you have any questions - get in touch.


Head Teacher


I'm the Head Teacher and founder of Trend Language School. I am a bilingual teacher with many years of experience teaching English as a second language. I learned English as a child and it quickly became my favorite language to use in daily life. I've been in love with English ever since.


As a teenager, I moved to Canada and attended a prestigious boarding school in British Columbia. It was an incredible experience where I could learn about many different cultures and focus on my academic life! After graduating, I decided to become an English teacher so I could help others experience that as well.


English changed my life and I want my students to see that it can change theirs as well. I've only been living in Japan for a few years, but I really love it, especially the rich culture.


Thank you for taking an interest in our school. I will do my best to help you achieve your goals! 

Best wishes,




Hi there,

I am part of the Client Service team here at Trend Language School and I always do my best to help all our current and prospective students. Nice to meet you!

I was raised here in Japan, but I was exposed to many different cultures when growing up. I loved learning more about other countries and helping people through good  communication. After I finished high school, I moved to Australia to learn English. I already spoke two languages, but I knew English was the most important one to learn if I wanted to work with people from different countries in the future. I love beaches and warm weather, so living in Sydney was an awesome experience!

Once I came back to Japan, now a fluent English speaker, I decided I wanted to work in a place that helps others learn English and open themselves to new experiences as well. I will give my best to help you here at Trend!


Please count on me!



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